Benefits from an on-premises subscription

Certify Siodb to your Linux distributionRequest us to certify your Linux distribution for Siodb.
Benefit from the knowledge base, know-how and best practices Access to the customer portal where you get all the information to save your time with your Siodb experience.
Get security and functional patchesYou receive all security and functional patches that keep your business compliant.
Support your Siodb version for up to 3 yearsYou receive our support for up to 3 years on your Siodb preferred version.
Support made to save your timeKeep it cool with our easy-to-use support. you create requests from your email. Simple and fast.
Open Source: no vendor lock-in Whenever you want to stop the subscription, you keep going with the Open Source stream without migrating anything nor paying anymore.

Additional benefits from a cloud subscription

Fastest response timeWe manage issues as soon as they appear for you.
No configurationWe provision your database for you with a state of art configuration.
No backup managementWe backup automatically your data so that you can recover any failure.
No bureaucracyOur engineers can directly access your databases so you don’t lose time filling online forms.
Cost managementWe alert you on idle resources to optimize your cost in the cloud.


Deployment Typen/aOn-premisesOn-premisesCloud
Edition Community EnterpriseEnterprise Enterprise
Subscription Standard PlatinumPlatinum
Support8×524×7 24×7
Response time24h1h0.5h
Monthly price per core99.00129.00149.00
Yearly discount-30% -30% -30%
Per additional year discount-10% -10% -10%
  • Subscription prices in Swiss francs (CHF)
  • Minimum 4 cores
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) not included in prices
  • Enterprise Edition: License Siodb
  • Community Edition: AGPL v3


  • 8 Cores, on-premises with a standard subscription, paid for one year upfront: (8×99.00)*12*0.7 = 6652,80 CHF