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Shield Your Organization With A Centralized Framework To Manage The LifeCycle Of Personal Data By Design And By Default


Chances are that your organization uses multiple applications on various channels. But how sure are you that the sensitive data of your data subject is safely used according to the GDPR? With human errors and cyber attacks, your data subjects’ personal data are at risk every day.

Over the years, I discovered that complexity is often the source of failure. The complexity of the interaction between systems and applications leads to shortcut decisions, poor maintenance, and human error.

This guide is the result of years of experience across all industries. It will allow you to offer your organization a centralized platform to manage the life cycle of your data subjects’ personal data in compliance with GDPR principles.

In this free guide you’ll discover:

🔐 Protection by design and by default: Standardize data protection by design and by default across the whole organization.

🔐 Access Tracking: Track access to personal data (who, when, what, why).

🔐 Change Tracking: Track personal data changes (who, when, what, why).

🔐 Automatic data state switch: Free your time with the data state management automation.

🔐 Standard Integration: Offer standard access to your organization for seamless integration.

Hi, I’m Nicolas Penot. I have worked with data for more than 12 years across all industries. Today, I give my experience to the Data Protection Officer to be inspired by it and that their organization does not repeat common failures.

Too often, I’ve seen organizations waste resources implementing solutions that add too much complexity and generate frustration with poor results.

I specifically crafted this guide to give your organization transparency and confidence with your data subjects’ personal data. Let this guide be the way to a higher quality of data privacy management.

The Data Privacy Platform And Legal Disclaimer:

This Guide has no legal value. It aims to give a solution that can help the Data Protection Officers address the complexity of implementing data security by design and by default.

The Data Privacy Platform does not exempt you from your duties, such as working towards compliance with all relevant data protection laws, monitoring specific processes, such as data protection impact assessments, increasing employee awareness for data protection, and training them accordingly, as well as collaborating with the supervisory authorities.

Instead, The Data Privacy Platform aims to support you and gives you a solution that protects personal data by design.

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