Native Encryption Of Your Data At No Cost – No Matter What!

Have you ever wondered if your data were properly encrypted? Have you ever spent hours configuring encryption?

Or maybe you just can’t afford the cost of encrypting your data?

I understand. Nowadays, The complexity of implementing encryption for your data is high. Indeed, those technologies often involve expertise and sometimes additional expenditure for the option.

Therefore, it increases your technological debt over time. Have you ever felt disappointed about it? I have.

Now, what if your database would encrypt data by default? Siodb gives you native encryption based on the AES cipher (EU and USA cipher standard) with an Open Source license. It is as simple as that:

siodb> create database myapp ;

Then, Siodb automatically encrypts your data with the AES cipher.

Willing to simplify your data technology and decrease your technological debt over time? Try Siodb now!

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