Now: The source code of Siodb opened!

After months of research and development, the source code of the 6th version of Siodb is now opened here.

We opened the code because we believe in software freedom. Over the years, technological debt has increased for companies using proprietary systems for their IT. It is a costly model that generates long-term costs and frustration.

We designed and developed Siodb from a blank page, gathering the best from modern concepts. Nowadays, hardware costs and power offer possibilities that were not possible in the past. This unique advantage places Siodb as the most convenient database system at the lowest cost.

Siodb is the first Swiss base Open Source relational database project and will give you the following features out of the box:

  • Transparent encryption
  • Standard SQL
  • Data versioning
  • Data model versioning
  • Automatic indexing
  • Replication
  • Distribution
  • Transparent compression
  • Automatic In memory
  • Automatic data identification
  • Partitioned columns storage

Cloud provider? How to attract more customers in your cloud thanks to Siodb as a service? (write to me:

Software integrator? How does Siodb give your customers the ultimate argument to trust you for their next development? (write to me:

Have you C++ skills? Be acknowledged for your contribution to a complex technology on GitHub.

Test Siodb in 3 minutes with Docker or Linux here (no login required).

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