WANTED NOW! Your feedback On Siodb

Thank you for landing on this page. You see, developing a new database system is not a simple task. Can you imagine? Storage, locks, concurrency, data type, … Not simple but worth it.

As a matter of fact, We believe that organizations deserve more simplicity for their data. Nobody wants to spend a huge amount of time managing their database system, especially with the new regulations on data privacy and the increasing complexity of the requirements for data security.

Downsizing complexity to simplicity is not easy and requires help. That’s why we need a few minutes of your time and a few of your skills to get your feedback on Siodb. The more feedback we receive, the better Siodb will become. It’s only 6 quick steps and you don’t even need to register.

The teasing version of our engine is available and includes the following features:

  • The core engine without encryption
  • Administrator connection only
  • DDL
  • DML
    • INSERT
    • UPDATE
    • DELETE
    • WHERE clauses
  • Query
    • Select on multiple columns
    • Support of aliases
    • WHERE clauses
    • Full scan only

Quickstart on Ubuntu 18.04

License agreement

The license we use to distribute this teasing version (“siodb_19.12-1-Teasing_x86_64.deb” | md5dum: 37bc61d5f183cbb24ee818175fd50dd5) is the Apache License Version 2.0 and you can get a copy of it here. By using this package (“siodb_19.12-1-Teasing_x86_64.deb” | md5dum: 37bc61d5f183cbb24ee818175fd50dd5), you accept the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0 license.

Step 01 – Install dependencies

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install -y rlwrap libboost-thread1.65.1 libboost-thread1.62.0 \
libboost-system1.62.0 libboost-filesystem1.65.1 libboost-log1.65.1 \

Step 02 – Get Siodb and install it

$ wget https://siodb.io/packages/siodb_19.12-1-Teasing_x86_64.deb
$ md5sum ./siodb_19.12-1-Teasing_x86_64.deb
$ sudo apt-get install ./siodb_19.12-1-Teasing_x86_64.deb

Step 03 – Start the Siodb service

$ sudo systemctl start siodb

Step 04 – Start the client

$ sudo su - siodb
$ /opt/siodb-19.12/bin/siocli --admin siodb

Step 05 – Test with your first table

create table employees ( 
firstname text, 
lastname text, 
salary int, 
hire_date timestamp) ;

insert into employees ( firstname, lastname, salary, hire_date)
( 'Alexandra', 'Paige', 197000, '2011-01-19' ),
( 'John', 'Doe', 230000, '2012-06-08' ),
( 'Katherine', 'Johnston', 245000, '2014-08-12' ) ;

select * from employees ;

Maybe you are now wondering about which SQL you can test? Siodb implements most of the SQL standards, generally following the SQLite syntax.

If you need more detail, you’ll find plenty of information in the Siodb documentation: https://docs.siodb.io/

Is there anything you can’t find in the documentation? Comment below or send me an email at nicolas {{ at }} siodb {{ dot }} com .

Step 06 – Give your feedback

What do you think? Was it boring, puzzling, useless or amazing? Whatever your thoughts are, I’m interested in your feedback on your tests. You can comment below or send me an email at nicolas@siodb.com. I’d like to know what you would do to improve Siodb and make it even easier to use? I am really looking forward to reading your inputs.

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