The #1 Enemy For Your Data That Most Businesses Struggle with

Thales recently interviewed 1200 IT Senior Security Executives. 44% of them see complexity as a barrier to implementing data security.

You see, I started my career in the IT field as a Database Consultant. I enjoyed it so much that I even spent evenings and week-ends discovering new things.

But after a decade, I see an insidious trend growing dramatically. I spent hours working on automation. But the complexity was growing up.

Now, people often tell me that they postpone security implementation just because it’s too complicated.

But, how technology, instead of improving human life, becomes such a consumer of your time?

Again, too much complexity. That also explains why 27% of data breached are due to human errors.

Today the IT landscape is far different from what it was ten years ago. Now, security is not an option any more, and ignoring it is costly. IBM says that the cost of a data breach for an organization is more than three million. And that cost is increasing yearly.

Can automation help you? Of course! Automation reduces the cost of a data breach. But again, automate complex technologies leads to too many layers of complexity.

I believe that one IT technology should solve complex issues with a single and simple solution. Don’t you think so? Mostly, a plug-and-play solution, easy to automate, intuitive, and secure by default and in its design.

We saw the default of old design technologies. So we started a new design from a blank page for a better digital future. A future where we want the cloud, data privacy and digital security as a reality for any business in the world.

That’s how we started Siodb. We switched from time-consuming troubleshooting technologies, to develop a solution that solves the issues by itself. With the belief that organizations deserve an easier relational database for their data.

Ultimately, that solution should be accessible to any budget.

So what?

Next year (Q1 2020), we’ll open Siodb’s source code in Github for the first version. Then, you’ll also be able to see how Siodb works in detail. And you’ll be able to contribute.

So, Siodb will be available for your projects to secure your data and protect data privacy by default and by design.

If you don’t want to miss the date, you can subscribe here

It’s our first step towards better security for data. After that, we’ll continue to invest in development to strengthen Siodb according to your feedback.

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