Deliver apps safer and faster removing the database complexity

A swiss-knife database with power

Automation Inside

Benefit from years of experience automated in Siodb (indexing, defragmentation, etc). Focus on pushing and retrieving data from your favourite programming language.

Easy integration

Get the simplicity of REST or the power of SQL. Both at the same time for unlimited purposes and seamless integration with your project.

Full Encryption

Offer your project a fully encrypted database system. Keep your data always encrypted at rest and in-transit with the safest protocols and cipher algorithms.

Busy developer? Start with peace of mind

Partners & certifications

Siodb equips you for frontline

Build apps faster and safer, with no database management pain

Siodb equips you for your project with powerful features. You can deliver faster and safer with this database engine made to automate all the boring stuff. Just get Siodb for your project and start pushing and retrieving your data seamlessly with two protocols: REST and SQL.

Using Siodb, you'll have years of data experience gathered in one technology. For instance, forget about indexing, fragmentation, and encryption. Siodb cares your data at the state-of-art for you to spend less time as possible in database understanding and most of your time in delivery fast and safe applications.

Are you unclear about choosing a new database technology for your next apps? Don't, Siodb is Open Source to avoid vendor lock-in and provides several service levels for each step of your project, from the first line of code to production. Using Siodb, you're never alone.

Quick start now here or contact us, and we'll get back to you very soon.

  • Encrypts your data by default
  • Automates performance
  • Speaks REST and SQL
  • High performance, low footprint

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