Control your data with a versioning database

A versioning database gives you

- Features included in Siodb -

Native Encryption

Encrypts your data end-to-end by default. Shield yourself from the risk of human error.

Native Versioning

Version your data by design. Query your past version of data in real-time. Track accesses and data changes.

Native data expiration

Define a time-to-live (TTL) for sensitive data. Let the database do the cleaning.

Native REST and SQL

Get a seamless integration using both REST and SQL to access your data.

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Giving your organization control, trust and agility for your critical data.

The versioning of data offers you a unique way to track data accesses and changes natively. Also, you can query the past data in real-time.

Siodb gives you a versioning database fully encrypted end-to-end by default. You can integrate it seamlessly in your organization with two protocols: SQL and REST.

Finally, Siodb automatically switches your data from online state to offline or archived state before erasing them. That small mechanism makes you 100% confident that no sensitive data remains somewhere into your organization once erased.

Set the control, trust, and agility of your critical data to the next level with this Open Source solution. Siodb is the unique technology that offers you this trinity because of its unique versioning engine.

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  • Encrypting data by default
  • Tracking Data Modification
  • Tracking Data Access
  • Purging automatically expired Data

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