What is Siodb?
Siodb is a plug-and-play SQL database that secures your data and protects your data privacy

What does Siodb do for your data?

Out of the box features
Encrypted by default

Siodb encrypts your data end-to-end by default. It shields you from the risk of human error.

Privacy API

Your users or data officer define a TTL to their personal data. Reduce significantly your data privacy management cost.

GDPR friendly

You benefit from native security features to maintain at a low cost your compliance with the data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA,LGPD,…).


Siodb is a relational database that respects the Codd’s twelve rules.


Distribute your data between different cloud providers or different regions. Reduce your dependency on cloud providers.

Automatic Indexing

Your data are indexed without having to think about it. Reduce your cost for performance and for expertise.


Replicate your data between different cloud providers or different regions. Reduce your dependency on cloud providers.


Your data are under version control. Query your past version of data or flashback your database with SQL.

Use Siodb in 8 minutes with few commands

Why using siodb?

Siodb secures your data and protects the data privacy of your customers.

Most of our data are online and under-protected. Since 2013, more than 14 billion data records have been lost or stolen. And only 4% of them were encrypted. Shocking, isn't it?
Today, organizations are struggling with complex technologies. Less than half of companies are ready for a cybersecurity attack. Did you know that 27% of data breaches are due to human error?
And, the new regulations like GDPR put more pressure on your business. Individuals made 95,180 GDPR complaints about data privacy issues. With a record fine of € 212 million. Would it be great if your technologies manage regulation compliance from itself? Of course! You save a lot of time.
This king of technology reduces manual configuration and facilitates automation.
It also decreases the average total cost of a data breach, i.e., € 2.50 million for organizations using security automation or up to € 4 million for organizations that don't use it.
So, why not use Siodb that protects your data by design and by default? Quick start now here or contact us, and we'll get back to you shortly.

  • senior security executives don't deploy encryption with digitally transformative technologies
  • senior security executives rated complexity as a perceived barrier to implementing data security
  • of companies have credit card numbers and health records left unprotected
  • of data breaches are due to human error

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