What is Siodb?
Siodb is a SQL database that encrypts your data into blocks and protects your customers' privacy

What does Siodb do for your data?

Out of the box features
Encrypted by design

Siodb encrypts your data end-to-end by design and therefore doesn’t rely on manual configuration.

Privacy API

End users decide the expiration date of their data and once expired, Siodb destroys them permanently.

GDPR friendly

You’ll benefit from automatic security features to maintain your organization compliant with the GDPR rules.


Siodb authenticate its activity with blockchains and optionally authenticate your data by storing them into blockchains.

automatic partitioning

You benefit from regular performance throughout your growth because Siodb parts your data into blocks automatically.

Automatic Indexing

Your data are indexed without having to think about it. Enjoy the automatic performance, focus on your growth.


One command is enough for you to clone data from one server to another. This simplicity strengthen your agility.


Create online versions of your database to create consistent data image. Siodb simplify your DevOps experience.

Use Siodb in 8 minutes with few commands

Why using siodb?

Siodb stores your data into encrypted blocks and protects the privacy of your customers.

Most of our data are online and under protected because, since 2013, more than 14 billion data records have been lost or stolen, and only 4% of them were encrypted. Scaring, isn't it? But companies struggle with too complex technologies to enforce data security as 3 out of 4 small businesses say they don’t have sufficient personnel to address IT security and the average cost of an attack for companies is nearly $3 million. Adding to that the new regulations to protect people's privacy makes heavy to run your business because 95,180 complaints have been made to EU national data protection authorities by individuals who believe their rights under the GDPR have been violated. And you, what strategy do you have to survive to that challenge?
Nowadays, the top challenges for companies are the lack of personnel, the lack of budget, and the lack of enabling security technologies. That's why Siodb does only one thing: it stores your data into encrypted blocks. Siodb automatizes your time-consuming manual operations like encrypting data, indexing data, and so on for you by default and by design. Convenient, isn't it?
By the way, what tools are you using to respect the right to be forgotten? Siodb gives you the API to respect the right stated in the 17th article of the GDPR. Nice, but how? It exposes directly to your customers the Privacy API to erase their data by themselves directly from the database. What would be your benefit in using Siodb? A simplified and sustainable IT architecture, that respects the right of your customers.
But I said too much. Let's Siodb speaks for itself. Click on our quick start link , and you'll see it by yourself. Should you need more details? Please contact us and we'll get back to you shortly.

  • of data lost or stolen are not encrypted
  • of small and medium businesses unprepared
  • of companies have credit card numbers and health records left unprotected
  • of regulated organizations are still not fully GDPR compliant

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