Control your data with a versioning database

A versioning database gives you

- Features included in Siodb -

Native Encryption

Encrypts your data end-to-end by default. Shield yourself from the risk of human error.

Native Versioning

Your data are always under version control. Query your past version of data or rollback your data model anytime!

Native data expiration

Define a time-to-live (TTL) for sensitive data. Let the database do the cleaning.

Native REST and SQL

Leverage the power of both REST and SQL to access your data.

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Why use siodb?

A versioning database gives you control, trust and agility.

The versioning of data in a relational database changes the way we managed the database before. It offers you a unique way to keep the database under version control natively.

Because your data are under version control, it opens the doors of agility for the database. Specifically, you can create versions of your data model and switch online from one version to another without losing data.

Therefore, it completly integrates into your continuous delivery pipelines and allows developers to control the release of a new model and its rollback. All natively without having to include system administrators or dba in the loop.

Also, the versioning database offer by design interesting possibilities such as the tracking of the data changes and query the past data in real-time.

Siodb offers you a version database that is fully encrypted end-to-end. It also comes with two connectors: SQL and REST. So you can push and retrieve your database with the power of SQL and the convenience of REST.

Finally, Siodb integrates a way to the setup an expiration date on data and handles the data destruction once expired. That small mechanism makes you 100% confident that no sensitive data remains somewhere into your systems once destroyed.

If you need more control, trust, and agility for your data with an Open Source solution, Siodb is the new technology that offers you this trinity. Because of its unique versioning engine.

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  • Encrypted
  • Data and model version control
  • Data Tracking
  • Open Source

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