A relational SQL database
that secures your data, manages personal data life-cycle, and automates operational tasks.

What does Siodb do for your data?

Out of the box features
Encrypted by default

Siodb encrypts your data end-to-end by default. It shields you from the risk of human error.

Privacy API

Your users or data officer define a TTL to their personal data. Reduce significantly your data privacy management cost.


Your data are under version control. Query your past version of data or rollback your data model through SQL.


Distribute your data between different cloud providers or different regions. Reduce your dependency on cloud providers.

Automatic Indexing

Your data are indexed without having to think about it. Reduce your cost for performance and for expertise.


Replicate your data between different cloud providers or different regions. Reduce your dependency on cloud providers.

GDPR friendly

You benefit from native security features to maintain at a low cost your compliance with the data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA,LGPD,…).


Siodb is a relational database that respects the Codd’s twelve rules.

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Why use siodb?

Small, simple and powerful. Secure data at a low cost.

Smaller programs very good at one thing create a robust micro-services architecture. That new kind of architecture is robust and can scale smoothly while delivering code faster. It offers your applications:

- Robustness to failure (less downtime)
- Easier troubleshooting (less pain time)
- Quick setup of services (more creative time)

Unfortunately, we spent too much time with old database technologies. They have vast legacy code and promise you a lot, but at the expense of complexity. They also lack some modern DevOps features, such as versioning.

Siodb is a smaller RDBMS ideal for your micro-services architectures and your DevOps journey.

The Siodb core team started the design from a blank page leveraging the most reliable Open Source libraries available today (entirely written in C++ for performance purpose).

Siodb reduces as much as possible the friction that you have developing with or managing an RDBMS while having the highest security and performance level. The result is that you have a powerful data processing engine, easy to use with standard SQL. Security features such as data encryption, TLS are enabled by default. Siodb also provides versioning and automatic indexing natively.

Thus, Siodb solves the time-consuming configuration, maintenance, and data model management that are prone to issues (because relying on humans). Then, it decreases your technical debt over time.

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  • Entirely written in C++ (Standard 17)
  • Open Source
  • Made for DevOps
  • Secure

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